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I am a certified loctician, trained

 by Ann-Marie and 

an affiliate of Seienstyle. 

I'm a maker of Wool and Synthetic Dreads, Beads and Accessories. 

 To me dreadlocks are not just a hairstyle-- it is a lifestyle. A transformation. It is an act of courage and it is showing the world who we really are. 

I want to make it possible for those who are committed in taking the step.

When I created “California DreamLocks” I found myself within the clients and made it my number one priority to those I serve to have the best experience getting dreads.

Words of Advise

How Long Should My Hair Need To Be, For Dreadlocks ?

For the best result, I recommend  shoulder-length hair. 

However, dreadlocks with extenstions must be at least 4 inches in length.

What Can I Do Before I Get My Dreadlocks Done?

It is recommended to start washing your hair with a dreadlock shampoo or any other shampoo, free of conditioner and silicones 2 weeks prior the appointment. Your hair needs to be washed and dry by the time of the appointment.

What Method Will Be Used To Make My Dreadlocks?

I start by tying a synthetic fiber string close to the scalp at the root, after backcombing the divided section it will be crochet to the desired shape. (The string helps the dread lock faster, it keeps the root and the regrowth stay mainteined for longer). 

When Can I Start Washing My Dreadlocks?

After newly made dreads it's recommened to wait at least 2 weeks before washing. Then, you can wash your dreads 1-2 times a week with a dreadlock shampoo or any other silicone/conditioner-free shampoo.

Does The String Used At The Root Need To Be Removed?


No! It is totally safe and can stay in up to 6 month. I usually remove them by the next maintenance appointment. 

How Often Do My Dreadlocks Need To Be Maintained?

New dreads should be maintained 

4 - 6 weeks after they've been made. 

Afterwards, depending on personal preference, 

every 6 weeks, up to twice a year.


Is This Method Suitable For My Hair Texture too?


Yes! This method is suitable for any kind of hair texture. 

How Can I Take Care Of My Dreadlocks At Home?

Keep your dreadlocks clean by washing them 1-2 times a week. Dreadlocks need more time to dry. So, take care of wet dreads as soon as possible. Seperate your dreads at the roots when needed and palm roll them while still damp to keep them in-shape, healthy, and beautiful.

What Kind Of Hair Will Be Used To Extend The Dreadlocks?


The hair I use to extend the dreadlocks are real human hair and will match your own or desired hair color. 

Menu / Price List

*all extensions will be made with real hair
*All wool/synthetic dreads are made to order
For more detailed information please contact

Cancellation Policy

There is a deposit fee of $200 toward dreadlock with hair extensions, which is  refundable in case of cancellation 2 weeks prior to the appointment.

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

California DreamLocks

Dublin, California, United States

For more Info and appointments please contact E-mail: CaliforniaDreamlocks@Yahoo.com For more Info about "Seienstyle dreadlocks" visit https://www.seienstyle.com/


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